RevelationofHopeSeventh-day Adventists proselytize members from Christian churches


The goal of Adventist evangelistic “seminars” is to proselytize and baptize new members into the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

The meetings are advertized as prophecy or Revelation seminars. The topics are based on unique unbiblical Adventist doctrines.

Other methods used by Adventists to proselytize include sanctuary displays, health and cooking seminars, community wellness education, vacation Bibles schools, door-to-door book sales, Adventist hospitals and educational institutions, radio and television programs, and more!

See a response to Adventism given by former Adventist pastor Dale Ratzlaff, after an Adventist evangelistic event in Lancaster, California.


Discoveries08Adventist proselytizing ministries:

Discoveries '08, -- Satellite evangelism at locations worldwide (Brochure cover shown at left)

Revelation of Hope Seminars -- Ongoing

Messiah's Mansion (Lifesize Mosiac wilderness sanctuary exhibit)







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