What "Christian" cults do:

  1. Add to Scripture
  2. Substract from the atonement and the person of Jesus Christ
  3. Multiply the requirements for salvation
  4. Divide the loyalty of Christian believers

Adventists Add

Add to Scripture

  1. Ellen White, a continuing, authoritative source of truth, was the prophetic voice whose writings determined Adventist biblical interpretation (see Seventh-day Adventist Fundamental Beliefs, number 18).
  2. Adventism was founded on date setting and a refusal to repent from that error.
  3. The Adventist Clear Word Bible paraphrase adds Adventist doctrine to the Bible and is sold in some Christian (not only Adventist) book stores.

Adventists Subtract

Subtract from the atonement and the person of Jesus Christ

  • Investigative judgment (central doctrine of Adventism) says Jesus’ atonement was not finished at the cross.
  • Even though their official doctrinal statement of the Trinity sounds orthodox (see Seventh-day Adventist Fundamental Beliefs, number 2), Adventism reflects its founders' anti-trinitariansim and Ellen White’s endorsement that Jesus was originally not God Almighty but was later exalted by the Father. Today they teach that He could have sinned and could have failed in His mission to earth. (See Discovering the Adventist Jesus and Jeremy Graham's website "Cult or Christian" for more information, also see Wretched TV video on Seventh-day Adventism.)
  • Soul Sleep doctrine says humans have no spirit but “breath”. They die like animals and the resurrection is a re-creation out of God’s memory, not the “real” person being brought back to life. The man Jesus likewise was merely “body plus breath”. This doctrine denies the biblical new birth, or the regeneration of our dead spirits by the indwelling Holy Spirit. They teach the new birth is a change of belief or attitude that happens in the cognitive mind.

Adventists Multiply

Multiply the requirements for salvation

  1. Seventh-day Sabbath-keeping is required for true believers. Adventists teach it is the “seal” or the “sign of the seal” of God. They teach Sabbath is the mark of division between those who are to be saved and those who will be lost. (see Ellen White quotes.)
  2. “The Health Message” advocates the levitical food laws of the Old Testament and promotes vegetarianism or complete veganism. This teaching aligns with their belief that man has no “spirit”, so a healthy body and brain are necessary in order to properly “hear” the Holy Spirit. The Health Message further denies Mark 7:19 where Jesus declared all foods clean.

Adventists Divide

Divide the loyalty of Christian believers

  1. Adventists teach that the mark of the beast written about in Revelation is worshiping on Sunday. They believe that seventh-day Sabbath-keeping will identify God’s true church, and “Sunday worship” will be the mark of all those who will be lost. They believe that all those who worship on Sunday are following “the pope” and are participating in false religion. (see Ellen White quotes.)
  2. “Remnant church” status separates them from the Body of Christ. Adventism teaches that it is the only true remnant church of Bible prophecy. Reflected in their Fundamental Belief No. 13, “remnant theology” really teaches that all churches that worship on Sunday are a part of the “widespread apostasy,” “Babylon”, or the “daughters of Babylon”. So even though Adventists acknowledge that God has His children in all churches, they add, “but through the remnant church He proclaims a message that is to restore His true worship by calling His people out of the apostasy and preparing them for Christ’s return."

John MacArthur calls Seventh-day Adventism a cult.



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Former Adventist pastor Dale Ratzlaff spoke at Calvary Chapel in Lancaster on Sunday, Sept. 13, 2009.
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