Urgent Warning: Adventist evangelism coming to hundreds of Adventist locations in North America in 2009

Discoveries08The Seventh-day Adventist denomination is contuing to increase its public evangelism meetings, calling 2009 the year of evangelism. Every Adventist congregation has been challenged to host their own local event.

Mailers like the one shown at the left are mass-mailed to whole cities before the events. Their delivery is planned to be during the week that the meetings start--after Sunday so that pastors cannot warn their congregation before the meetings begin.

"Discoveries '08" marked the fourth series that Mark Finley has presented. "Net evangelism" meetings have resulted in 1.5 million converts into Adventism. (See Adventist "Discoveries '08" website designed for the public, and designed for Adventist church members.)

The first two weeks' titles of the "Discoveries '08" presentations:

1. Amazing Discoveries in the Lost Cities of the Dead
2. Iraq, an Ancieant King's Dream and Our Future
3. Jesus, Jerusalem and Startling Endtime Predictions
4. Good God! Bad World! Why?
5. Echoes of Eternity
6. The Child born in the Middle East who will Change the World
7. The Rumble of a Crumbling World
8. All Eyes on the Temple

These topics all lead into a sermon on specific Adventist doctrines, many of them differing from clear biblical teachings.

"Net evangelism" involves a live series of meetings, usually held in a large Adventist church, and broadcast by satellite live to hundreds or thousands of smaller churches and meeting halls around the world. Most Adventist congregations have equipped themselves with a satellite dish and video projecter to make it possible to host a "net evangelism" event. (See video enlisting Adventist churches to join this event.)

The "Discoveries '08" brochure shown was mailed to homes across North America. An area on the back is used by each local Adventist church to advertise their meetings' times and places. (See map of meeting locations.)

Adventism is dangerous. Most converts in North America were Evangelicals or mainline Protestants--persons who did not know their Bibles well enough to protect themselves from false teachings and heresies. If you have already become confused by Adventist teachings, please call the number below.

For someone to talk to or pray with, phone: (877) 349-6984




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